The still image embraces a moment and offers it again, holding a memory to be cherished and shared. The fondness found in exchanged glances. Through photographs, I piece together a narrative of what is most treasured and true.

I am continually inspired by the people I photograph and by life’s journeys. Based in Butler, Pennsylvania, I am available for celebrations, lifestyle portrait sessions of families and children, pregnancy, babies, high school seniors and more throughout the Butler County. Photography is my passion. Although its currently a side gig, I am excited to eventually make it a lifelong career. For me, it’s all about connecting with people and telling their stories. I am committed to using photography to affect meaningful moments and milestones in my clients lives.

Now that my formality is out of the way, I’m going to tell you more about me. My passions, what I love, and just me. I have a full house, two cats and two dogs, with the occasional mouse. I have a crazy obsession for cactuses and succulents, and like to retreat to my old-lady-like ways and knit or crochet in the evenings. I can only make scarves or baby blankets. Can I make anything else? Nope. I may as well knot up a ball of yarn. I have my wonderful husband that supports my photography passion, and am beyond grateful that he believes in me. When I’m not taking pictures, I’m usually binge watching Hulu or watching a Disney movie, snuggling with my pups and the hubby!

As you can tell, I’m a very basic woman. I enjoy the little things in life, those little moments that you don’t think twice about. If you’ve made it this far, thanks for joining me on this blog!

Till next time,


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