Now that 2020 is here, and the New Year business and Holiday hustle has slowed down to a halt, I can finally sit down and update my blog! Today’s post is about my ‘behind the scenes’. I would like to take you into what goes into my sessions, from my gear, how I prep, and after the session!

Before the session, I usually go Pinterest crazy on cute poses! I love to get a little more information from my client about what they like, what they are hoping to achieve with their session, and if they’ve had their pictures taken before! It can be hard to meet with a stranger and to have them take your picture, but I promise after the first ten minutes it’s a breeze!

After I am done gathering information to tailor the perfect session, I double check my gear! Props to my husband for getting me this beautiful camera bag that I am absolutely in love with! I like to invest into my gear, I feel like this helps me provide the best overall experience! My camera, a Nikon D750 is my tried and true! It provides me with sharp, clear images and kicks butt in low lighting! My two main lenses are my prime lenses! I choose prime for all of my portraits because it provides the best color and quality images! The hunk of a lens on my camera is my Nikon 85mm f/1.4 lens, it never leaves my camera! Hands down my favorite lens I have ever invested in and I’m so glad I did! My second favorite lens that I always carry around with me is my Nikon 50mm f/1.8! This lens is great for portraits in tighter spaces, so once in a blue moon I will throw this on my camera! I always like to keep my extra SD cards and an extra battery with me in case I ever need them and so I can switch them out quickly without skipping a beat. Last, and certainly not least, is my speedlight! My trusty Nikon SB-700 with a MagMod (jellyfish looking thing on it) to help diffuse light. This allows me to take well lit images in dark places, or use manipulate the light for super awesome looking pictures!

And, finally, after the session! Once I have completed a session, go home and say hello to my pups that I haven’t seen in AGES, I like to start the culling process! This process is basically me going through all the images I’ve taken during a session (50 or 500, I look at them ALL) and hand picking the ones that turned out the best! So, goodbye blinking, weird faces, blurry images (these do happen!) and strange things in the background!

Once the images have gone through my extensive hand filtering, I then begin the photo editing process! I first make lighting adjustments such as exposure (how light/dark an image is), temperature (adjusting blue or orangish), and other lighting corrections, I then add my own filter, hand crafted and created by yours truly!

Then goes on the process to uploading them to your personal gallery, and then delivering them to you! The above steps I usually do in a few days! It all depends on the amount of images there are, as I try to give every image the same treatment as the last so they are well put together and edited for your enjoyment.

All said and done, that’s my cue to sit on the couch in some sweatpants, my unicorn slippers, and enjoy a hot cup of tea with whichever book I happen to be reading at the time!

Like always, thanks so much for reading! Until next time,


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