Favorite Mantra

I am always worthy of amazing things.

Morning Habit

Coffee & some fresh, morning air.

Place to Visit

Anywhere with some sand and a margarita.


summer. give me all the campfires!

My Favorite Things

Aside from my love for photography, I'm a dog loving, iced coffee infused, ambitious gal. I’m a wife to my husband, William, and we love to adventure and see new places! Especially when those new places involve a beach, warm weather, and a margarita in my hand.
When I'm not behind my camera, I'm either having a game night with my family, watching a true crime or paranormal series, slow dancing with my husband in the kitchen, or asking myself "is this a want or a need" in the aisles of TJMaxx or Target. It's almost 100% guaranteed that I will laugh at (or make) a pun or use too many exclamation points in a text (not sorry)!

Here's A Bit About Me!


Cake Flavor

all of them! :)


Sea turtles - I'm super passionate about them!

Board Game

A solid tie between catan and splendor.

Video Game

anything zelda, and animal crossing!

This might sound a little cliché, but I LOVE love! The way it brings people together, how passionate and sweet it is, I seriously cannot get enough of it! This is why I am so passionate about photographing weddings.

I will both laugh and cry with you, that's a guarantee. I want to capture your special day exactly how you remember it, so you can remember it for a lifetime. 

Why I love what I do...

I keep things simple. Book the hours you need and receive the photographs from your day. No hidden fees. No surprises.

I’m super organised and always well prepared. 

I’m fully insured. It’s not the sexiest reason to book a photographer, but it’s a fundamental part of running a professional business.

You’re relaxed and informal and you love the sneaky ninja photographer images the most.

You’re unique and I don’t shoot to a template.
So the images from your wedding day will reflect you authentically with no awkward posing. 

Why you should take this next step with me...