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I'm Catherine Plaisted, a Pittsburgh wedding, portrait, and boudoir photographer serving Western Pennsylvania since 2018. I believe in pretty pictures, happy couples, and cracking cheesy jokes! :)

With my focus on weddings and couples, I know the ins and outs of all things wedding! From finding vendors to determining which photos you want in your heirloom photo album, I've got you covered!

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If you’re considering an intimate elopement or a micro wedding instead of a large gathering due to coronavirus, you’ll want to see this!

I know it hurts to have to change plans unexpectedly, and it’s totally normal to grieve for the wedding you’d dreamed of. But – have you considered how absolutely AMAZING an elopement could be?! Here’s three reasons an elopement might be the perfect solution for you!


Let’s do the math: a $20K budget for a 150 person event comes out to about $133 for each person at your wedding. If you’ve been planning for awhile, you know how fast that $133 goes. Dinner, drinks, and decor for 150 guests isn’t cheap – actually, these costs typically account for 50% of your total wedding cost.

Eloping will save you nearly all of these costs! A private, catered meal for just a handful of your nearest and dearest will be a fraction of the expense. This could free up funds to invest in a videographer to document the ceremony for those that couldn’t attend, or perhaps that over-the-top bouquet you’d wanted but couldn’t quite splurge on before!


While I love the candid moments, it’s portraits that will ultimately end up on the walls of your home. Without guests to be mindful of, we have as much time as you want to create beautiful portraits! We can visit different locations, change up your look, and just be really intentional about the images we’re creating. Portrait time is always a little rushed on a wedding day, even in best case scenarios, but at an elopement we have all the time in the world.


A wedding ceremony is all about you and your fiancé promising your lives to each other, but somewhere along the way, it got complicated. There are traditions, families to blend together, and emotions running high. Suddenly it can feel more like you’re playing host than actually enjoying your time as bride and groom!

An elopement keeps the focus on the two of you, without all the distractions. In uncertain times like these, it might be nice to pause and savor time together, and to actually enjoy your wedding day.

If you’re considering an elopement, and would love for it to be beautifully documented with a package tailored to your exact needs, contact me today!

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