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I'm Catherine Plaisted, a Pittsburgh wedding, portrait, and boudoir photographer serving Western Pennsylvania since 2018. I believe in pretty pictures, happy couples, and cracking cheesy jokes! :)

With my focus on weddings and couples, I know the ins and outs of all things wedding! From finding vendors to determining which photos you want in your heirloom photo album, I've got you covered!

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When planning for your wedding, one of the most special parts of your big day are the ladies you choose to stand by your side! You want to make sure they’re well taken care of, from hair, to makeup, to gifts.. but most of all, their dress!

One many things to keep in mind when bridesmaid dress shopping is how soon you will need their gowns prior to your wedding! Whether you needed it yesterday, have room in your timeline for a made to order gown, or if you plan on having alterations done through the retailer, locally altered, or in the unfortunate event a gown may need returned are all valid things to consider.

Now, I don’t really have an order, but here are my top five recommendations!


This site is PERFECT for bridesmaids on a budget! This site is full of modern, affordable (I’m talking under $100!) bridesmaid dresses that are size-inclusive! They also offer honeymoon outfits as well, and what’s more to love? Free shipping! If you do decide to return your dress, it must be within 10 days!

Fame and Partners

This site is AMAZING! We are talking about a one-of-a kind dress tailored to your bridesmaids specific body type. The customization is out of this world as well! From the color, to the fabric, to the length of the dress tailored to a specific height, this helps in the long run with alterations! Keep in mind, with a “tailored for you” product, it could take up to 7 weeks to get your bridesmaids gowns. There is an option for rush shipping, which is approximately 5-7 business days.

Birdy Grey

Here is another super affordable (under $100) bridesmaids dress site! This is a size-inclusive site with a huge variety of styles, you’re sure to find something you like! Also, they have maternity dresses! If you aren’t sure what color will work best for your color scheme, you have the option to order a swatch prior to your purchase! When you place your order, you can expect your dress within 7 business days!


Zola is a one stop shop for your bridesmaid dresses and bridal! Their site is full of little white dresses, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and bridal accessories! Delivery is fast, and returns are accepted within a 30 day window!

David’s Bridal

You probably already know this one, but I just HAVE to include it! So, let’s list the reasons why David’s Bridal is just plain awesome: they’re size-inclusive, they can accommodate just about every budget, they have a quiz to help determine your bridesmaid style, and they always have some kind of killer sale going on!

When looking for bridesmaid dresses online, always make sure to keep an eye out for their measurement guide and that you follow it to a T! Wherever you buy your bridesmaid dress from, the most important part is to make sure you’re comfortable with it. With everything going on, it feels like this strange world of weddings, which is already a little crazy, got flipped upside down!

Anyways, thanks for checking out my blog post, hopefully this is helpful to you! Until next time,


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