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One of the most asked questions that I get when booking a session is, “What place do you recommend?” I totally get it! Having a beautiful background and multiple photo opportunities is just as important as what you’re going to wear. I have seen so many beautiful places throughout Butler County, and I’m super excited […]

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I like to think of myself as all inclusive, this basically means including all of the digital images in my package price. I’m not a huge fan of watermarking my images so you cannot use them. In my eyes, you invest a lot of time, money, and energy into your session, and your images are […]

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One of the biggest questions I am asked when someone schedules a shoot is, “Where is a good place for pictures?”. Although I have many places that are my go-to in mind, I have not been everywhere! A big factor that goes into play with any location is, from my aspect, the lighting. I am […]

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How much is your session and what does it include? One of the most important aspects in looking for a photographer is how much their session costs and what it includes. There may be some out there that will say that the imagery is worth the investment, which I am entirely sure it is for […]

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Children grow up so fast. It’s no wonder parents take pictures of them all the time. If they’re anything like me they have a strong desire to capture the moments of both bitter and sweet. Sometimes the pictures are at home, sometimes out and about, sometimes professional, but they are always focused on the child […]

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So, you are looking to get pictures done, but you are not sure what to wear? Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered!

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